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Virtual Volunteering is En Vogue!

November 12, 2014

GivingTuesday is about demonstrating acts of generosity in many different forms. During these challenging times we need to find new ways to help those in need. Virtual volunteering is a safe way to engage and drive real impact in communities.

There are a lot of benefits to volunteering virtually beyond that of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Virtual volunteering provides more flexibility in schedule, a wider variety of skills-based opportunities, and the ability to interact with other volunteers from all around the globe.

If you’re a nonprofit, business, or individual interested in learning more about virtual volunteering, be sure to download these virtual volunteering toolkits from our friends at VolunteerMatch. They offer plenty of helpful tips, strategies and ideas to drive impact and inspiration. Help us cover the globe in kindness on GivingTuesday and get started now!

For more information and resources on virtual volunteering programs visit:

A Guide for Nonprofits

This toolkit will show you:

  • How to drive the most impact through your virtual volunteering programs
  • The main steps to follow to develop a virtual volunteer program
  • Tips to recruit and engage volunteers in your programs—plus templates to get you started!

A Guide for Businesses

This toolkit will show you:

  • How to drive real impact through your virtual volunteering programs
  • The main steps in developing them
  • Tips to engage and retain employees in your programs

Volunteer from Your Home

This toolkit will show you:

  • Steps to get started as a virtual volunteer
  • 23 ideas to inspire you to get involved
  • Tips on how to fit it into your life
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