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November 20, 2015
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by Nicole Danesi, Founder and Chair of Mississauga Gives
GivingTuesday may be a day for giving, but I’m convinced the movement inspires much more than just one day’s worth of philanthropic action.

Here in the City of Mississauga—Canada’s sixth largest city, Toronto’s friendly neighbour, and home of the world-famous Hazel McCallion—GivingTuesday is making a splash for the first time ever in the movement’s four year history, and the team at MississaugaGives couldn’t be more excited.

We’re a bunch of millennials with ambitious goals

Over the past eleven months, our team of passionate, shamelessly idealist 20-somethings have mobilized an entire community all in anticipation of this year’s GivingTuesday marked on the calendar. The civic movement is entirely led and organized by a bunch of millennials wanting to make a tangible, positive difference in our community, and so far, our team has demonstrated how significant a contribution young people have to make.

Together, we are mobilizing a municipality from all corners of the city on one single day to make a positive difference. Although our goal is ambitious, we hope to see each and every Mississauga resident donate $1.00 to a charity of their choice—a collective impact which would raise over $757,000 in only 24 hours. It’s a simple act equivalent to less than the cost of a morning coffee, but imagine the impact it could generate if everyone took part.

Come together

It has been incredibly exciting to witness an entire city of 757,000 people strong rally behind a movement all about giving back on a single day of the calendar year. In fact, our team has likely witnessed as much giving in the past 11 months as what we will see on this year’s GivingTuesday.

Only 12 members of the 16-person team of MississaugaGives directors at our campaign launch party on September 30th.

Only 12 members of the 16-person team of MississaugaGives directors at our campaign launch party on September 30th.

It all started last August when I took notice of the GuelphGives campaign officially bringing GivingTuesday to the City of Guelph. Even before I learned of the results generated, I knew this had to come to the City of Mississauga, and more importantly, I wanted this campaign to be entirely organized by young people wanting to make a difference. I wanted to prove young people can make a massive difference; I wanted to empower young people to make a massive difference; and as a team, we wanted to bridge the gap between the for-profit and non-profit world while connecting charities to celebrate the power of giving and building connections in and between organizations making a massive impact in our community each and every day.

What our team is doing is no small feat, but since launching the campaign, it is has been incredible to see one kind action spiral into ten more. From our corporate partner, CRH Canada, signing on board and wholeheartedly supporting us and our crazy, ambitious goals, to each and every one of our young, bright, and talented team members who have lent their skills and hundreds of hours of their time to the cause — it has been amazing to see companies, schools, individuals, and community organizations choose to give back with us on Tuesday, December 1st. We have more than 35 charities, more than 11 businesses, support from the City of Mississauga, several community organizations and schools, and countless residents ready to give back and make a massive impact.

With only a few days left until the big day, we can’t wait to see how Mississauga will do good, and feel good this GivingTuesday.

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