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Here in Canada, GivingTuesday is locally or cause driven in over 60 communities and networks. People are joining together to rally charities, schools, businesses, government and individuals to grow generosity and benefit their communities.

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We’re looking for local leaders to start and/or help lead GivingTuesday in your town, city, province or cause area.  GivingTuesday leaders are a diverse range of individuals who work to build a local movement. Our leaders all have one important thing in common - they are committed to generosity and creating positive change in their communities. 

Most leaders recruit a few colleagues or friends to create a team and engage local charities, businesses and other stakeholders. Each community movement is responsible for organizing their own GivingTuesday campaign and activities, with support from the GivingTuesday team.

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What is a GivingTuesday Community Movement?

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GivingTuesday has prosered in Canada thanks to a growing network of local movements with dynamic leaders all over the country.

GivingTuesday Communities come together around a common geography (eg. city, town or province) or a common cause (eg. promoting adult literacy or science centres) to collaborate, innovate and inspire their communities to make a difference. Community campaigns find creative ways to mobilize their networks, host volunteer events, raise funds for local organizations, spark kindness, and much more.

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Quick Start Guide

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What Partners Are Saying

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BGC Okanagan

Charity Partner

“GivingTuesday has become a really important part of our yearly calendar. It is a great opportunity for us, not only for fundraising but for connecting with our community of donors and volunteers both online and in person.” - Richelle Leckey

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Feed Nova Scotia

Charity Partner

"We are incredibly humbled by the way our community continues to support us on Giving Tuesday each year. We’ve raised over $1.5 million in the last seven years to support our network of food banks, meal programs, and shelters across Nova Scotia." - Nick Jennery

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Ronald McDonald House Charities Atlantic

Charity Partner

“Our Giving Tuesday initiative was simply to thank our entire network – donors, volunteers and loyal supporters, while launching our holiday appeal. We raised over $7,500 in online donations on GivingTuesday! We look forward to even further engagement with our donors, staff and volunteers next year!” - Lauren Floyd

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Toronto Gives

Charity Partner

"GivingTuesday is a disruption of the fundraising status quo. It’s like a huge R&D lab for public generosity. And to see the experiments in volunteerism, public engagement, corporate creativity and yes, fundraising results, is a huge inspiration for me personally. I keep volunteering in local civic leadership because I learn so much more than just about fundraising, we are running an annual generosity incubator at the level of billions of dollars in scale. It’s exciting, educational and inspirational for my network and myself.” -Paul Nazareth

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GivingTuesday Durham

Charity Partner

"GivingTuesday has been a very rewarding experience for our region. Over the past year we have witnessed first hand the tremendous support our residents have received from the charitable and nonprofit sector. Encouraging our community to give back by volunteering their time, donating funds or acknowledging those who have made a difference not only strengthens our connections but also ensures a strong and resilient region." - Vivian Curl

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Nick Jennery


“We are incredibly humbled by the way our community continues to support us on GivingTuesday each year. We’ve raised over $1.5 million in the last seven years to support our network of food banks, meal programs, and shelters across Nova Scotia.”

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