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Calling all local change makers - join the GivingTuesday leadership team!


GivingTuesday is looking for local community leaders to start and/or help lead a GivingTuesday movement for your town, city, province or cause area.We want to help grow the GivingTuesday movement by rallying charities, schools, businesses, government and individuals to participate to benefit your local community.

Email us if you are interested in becoming a community leader:

The role: GivingTuesday community leaders take varying roles, depending on their capacity and number of people on the local team. Some examples of leadership tasks:

  • work according to the philosophy outlined below in “About GivingTuesday”
  • work independently and with other local leaders to build the local movement
  • most leaders recruit a few colleagues or friends to create a team!
  • engage local charities, businesses and other stakeholders
  • engage local Mayors, chamber of commerce and other influencers
  • convene a meet up, webinar or workshop for partners on how to get involved
  • start/maintain a social media presence for the movement
  • engage local media to help raise awareness for the movement
  • help to organize local events on the week/day of GivingTuesday
  • follow up to re-engage stakeholders for participation next year
  • share successes, highlights, and/or areas to improve with the GivingTuesday Canada team

Support for leaders: the GivingTuesday Canada team supports local leaders through our annual leaders’ summit (May-June), one-on-one coaching/planning meetings, regular conference calls, and emails with resources and educational materials. We may also be able to send a team member to present at your local meet-up (or present by webinar) depending on timing and location. You can find detailed planning tools, tips and checklists in the GivingTuesday Campaign Planner and the GivingTuesday Civic Toolkit.

Commitment: this is a part-time, volunteer position; required time is approximately 2 hours per month March-October and 2-3 hours per week in November. Leaders are asked to commit for one GivingTuesday season: March-December. Successful leaders will be encouraged to continue the following year.

About GivingTuesday -a global movement for generosity, taking place each year after Black Friday. A free, open and inclusive movement, where charities, companies and communities join together and rally for favourite causes. GivingTuesday is currently celebrated in 80+ countries around the world, engaging millions of Canadians, raising over $50 million online in Canada, and providing a platform for countless donations of time, resources and talent around the world.

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