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Support GivingTuesday with a matching donation


Matching gifts are a great way for companies to do more for the causes they support on GivingTuesday. Leveraging your donation in this way makes your philanthropic investment go further by:

  • Encouraging more people to contribute to the charities you support;
  • Raising more awareness for those causes;
  • Engaging employees in something they can feel proud of; and
  • Reaching more people to tell your community support story.

A matching gift campaign is easy for companies and the charities they support to activate; making it a great way to get involved in GivingTuesday when resources are limited. Donors are very motivated to support a campaign when they know their dollars will go farther. It also inspires social sharing and media interest.


One great example of a GivingTuesday matching gift campaign is Feed Nova Scotia's GivingTuesday campaign. Using a matching donation from Sobey’s and a couple of adorable twins to promote the idea, they received 20 times more donations compared to a typical day in December, raising a total of more than $100,000 on GivingTuesday.

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