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Volunteering, the service is real


Volunteering, the service is real

Here are a toolkits to inspire volunteering for charities and companies:

How to recruit volunteers for your charity and non-profit

How to mobilize and inspire employees at your company

When you give back - your time or your talents - you create a special connection with the people and communities you care about most.

When you think about volunteering, what inspires you? Why do you want to become a volunteer? What will be different in our world because you gave a little bit of your time as a volunteer?

Whatever your reason, we believe volunteering can transform you and the world around you.

20 Great Reasons to Volunteer:

Help others

Make a difference

Find purpose

Enjoy meaningful conversation

Connect with your community

Feel involved

Contribute to a cause that you care about

Use your skills in a productive way

Develop new skills

Meet new people

Explore new areas of interest

Meet good people

Impress your mom

Impress yourself

Expand your horizons

Get out of the house

Make new friends

Strengthen your resume

Feel better about yourself

To be a part of a global generosity movement and give back on GivingTuesday!

Tips for finding volunteer opportunities

  • Follow your favourite charities and non-profits on social media to learn more about their organization and watch for volunteer postings.
  • Reach out directly to non-profits and charities in your community.
  • Ask your friends and family where they volunteer, or if they would like to join you in your search.

Conduct a search for volunteer opportunities in your area on VolunteerCanada, VolunteerMatch or MeaningfulWork.

Share your volunteering activities on social media and use the hashtag #GivingTuesdayCa. The need has never been greater and all your positive actions matter. Giving is generative!

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